24 October, 2008

Flip Flop Birthday Cake

We thought we'd highlight a flip flop birthday cake idea this month.  As you know flip flops are all the rage for any occasion, no longer relegated to the beach.  Fancy flip flops are even worn to weddings and formal events.

Here's a great cake that will make even the most fashion conscious teenager drool with anticipation.  You actually need to make two cakes - one for each foot of course.  We're going to make each one basically identical except for different colors so you can distinguish one flip flop from the other.

To make this special treat you need to bake or purchase a 10 oz. pound cake from your favorite recipe or bakery.  You can use a piece of paper or old piece of cardboard to trace the outline of one of your kids flip flops onto a piece of paper.  Then you have an easy guide to use as a stencil for the shape of the cake.

Besides the pound cake you'll need about 1 cup of strawberry ice cream, 4 oz. of whipped dessert topping, two different colors of twisted licorice (two pieces of each color), and an assortment of colored smarties or M&M's.  That's it!  These flip flop cakes are so easy to make every one of your daughters is going to want one for their birthday.

First, cut the pound cake into two identical flip flop shapes, using your paper template that you traced from an actual flip flop.

Now cut the two flip flop cakes in half across the entire cake and level any rounded spots with a knife.  Spread the ice cream between the two cakes and put the two pieces back together.  Freeze the cake for a couple of hours, then cover both flip flops with the whipped topping.

Make sure you ask your girls to help you decorate these cakes because they are such a fun idea.  Place two pieces of the same color of twisted licorice onto each cake to create the look of a flip flop!  Add the colored smarties all around the edges of both cakes, and freeze the cake until you're ready to eat.